Copper Coiling Heat Exchangers1


1.  High Efficiency in Heat Transferring

2.  Rolling Process; Coiling Finned Tubes

3.  Seamless & Integral Tubing

4.  ISO9001:2008 Certified

Product Description:

Product Name: Coiling Copper Finned Tube Heater Exchanger

Part No.: FSI-HEx***

Place of Origin: China

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, DDP

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Capacity: 100 Ton/month

Minimum Order: 0.5 Ton

Lead Time: 30days


1.    Materials: C12200.

2.    Performances: high efficiency, energy-saving, endurable in use, eco-friendly and materials-saving.

3.    Processes: Extruded processes (Rolling) and Coiling Copper Finned Tubes..

4.    The Fin height reaches 4~10mm.

5.    The surface area ratio-outside to inside reaches 4~6

6.    Providing series of heater exchangers in heating and cooling.

7.    Widely used in petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, power industry, food, maritime, home appliances such water heater, solar water heater and boiler etc.

8.    Large volume, high quality, most competitive price and excellent services

9.    OEM is available according to drawings and/or samples

10.  Sold well in U.S.A, Europe etc.



Outside: Plywood sea-worthy case or pallet.

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