Fortune Smart Industrial Limited (Brief as FSI) is one of famous manufacturers in China devoted to the making of Finned Tubes. We self-developed and owned two Technologies for our Finned Tubes with different materials. 

The first Technologies (Processes) for Finned Tubes is Rolling (i.e Extrusion) which was developed on 2003. It is designed especially for material of Copper, Cupronickel and Bimetallic such as Stainless Steel/Aluminum etc. The Finned Tubes by the processes are fully integrated and seamless which makes our products high efficiency in heat transferring, durable life and excellent resistance to vibration. All our machines and cutters for Rolling Processes are made by ourselves. And our Finned Tubes have comparable quality with any well-known American and European competitors. 

0n 2014 we started to develop the Laser Welding Technologies to make up for the deficiency of Rolling Technologies that it cannot be used to make the Finned Tubes by hard metals such as Stainless Steel and Titanium and succeeded in making samples within one year. In the end of 2015, 12 sets of Heat Exchangers by Coiling Stainless Steel Finned Tubes for waster heat recovery for Boiler were successfully manufactured. In the same years, samples by Titanium and Bimetallic Finned Tube of Titanium/Copper were produced to be used for the heat exchanger of Oil industries. Nowadays we can make the Steel Steel/Titanium and its alloy Finned Tubes in mass products. The fin height can reach more than 15mm which guarantees a high heat transferring efficiency which is widely used in hard surroundings which require a high level of anti-corrosion such as Industries of Petroleum, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Power, Food, Maritime, Nuclear Energy etc.

Both of Technologies for Finned Tubes are patented by ourselves.